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American Inventor Fan; Rene? Armstrong

    Houston, TX -- August 27, 2006... Eric and Danard ? what a pleasure to meet y?all (see, you have to learn Texan!) on Saturday, August 19th, at the Everyday Edisons auditions in Houston. ... I hope the time in Houston was profitable and that you got to enjoy some of our good Southern food and hospitality!

Thanks for being so kind to humor me and allow me to have my picture taken with you two. I really am excited that I got to meet you and see that not only are you great inventors, but also great entrepreneurs.

I was lucky enough to make it through the two sets of judges and be one of the 30 out of over 400 who got video taped. Unfortunately, I had used my invention in a public place in 2003 and had not filed for a patent within a year. My blind neighbor inspired me to invent an aid and we used it at a women?s convention in Charlotte, NC. However, the were very impressed with what I was doing and told me that I would have been one of the people they would have chosen. SO, I came home and the next day completely redesigned the device so that I could qualify for a ?novel? invention as an improvement on my previous design. I contacted the crew on Monday and Louis encouraged me to come to the auditions in Washington DC.

Will you be going to the DC auditions? I would love the opportunity to meet with you away from the lines of nervous inventors and discuss some possible business opportunities.

Please give me a call ... Check me out on my website at www.revealedknowledgeinc.com and you will see one of my other inventions which is already in manufacturing and getting ready to be distributed nationally.

Blessings on your day!


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