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ABC's American Inventor Finalist, Erik Thompson, Invests Winnings to help other Inventors

    Detroit, MI -- September 26, 2006... As most of America knows, Mr. Thompson was awarded $50,000 from the hit ABC show for the rights to his Catch Vest, but what might surprise you is what he did with the money.

After saving his house from foreclosure, Mr. Thompson took the majority of his winnings and started a company, Belykewater Productions. Belykewater will produce a series of DVDs called The Pitch Coach TM, which are aimed at helping the inventor succeed in getting their product to market. The idea was first recognized while attending an invention tradeshow after the American Inventor show. There Mr. Thompson was bombarded by inventors with questions and pleas for help with their ideas for the upcoming seasons show.

Mr. Thompson's most unique and exciting business move was forming an alliance with three other companies who shared his vision and drive to assist inventors in fulfilling the American Dream. The three companies, Inventorprise, Inc. (makers of a self patenting software), Daystar Manufacturating, Inc. (American manufacturer) and InventorSpot.com (a fun and popular website for inventors), have united with Mr. Thompson to form a network of contacts and resources to save inventors time and most importantly money!

Mr. Thompson will travel across America to bring inventors in contact with companies that provide great services or products at a fair price. His next stop will be at the Tech Shop in San Francisco, California. Founded by Jim Newton and Ridge McGhee, the Tech Shop is a fully equipped do-it-yourself workshop for inventors and creative folk (it?s like Kinko?s for geeks). Mr. Thompson will present the Tech Shop with the first ever Inventors' Choice Award. The award was established by the three companies working together with Belykewater and will be given to select companies that are helpful to inventors and understand the passion and need of inventors to see their ideas become reality.

Mr. Thompson will host a series of seminars known as ?The Pitch Coach Tour - Wacky to Wow! in selected cities across America, preparing inventors for the second season of casting calls for the American Inventor show, by offering tips and clues on giving a great product pitch.

People can track his progress and follow the Pitch Coach by visiting the website www.InventorSpot.com.

Mr. Thompson feels this is the best investment he has ever made in the hopes and dreams of other American Inventors.


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