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PatentEase; Patent Application Software

PatentEase is a revolutionary new software product designed to allow you to generate your own patent application that can be submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). PatentEase produces a multi-page, properly formatted patent application, including the necessary patent filing documents, that should be submitted to the PTO with your application. You have total control of the application process. You use your PC and your printer and, if you prefer, your own word processing software. PatentEase gives you exclusive One Click Claiming™, automatically generating the claims for your invention from the information you’ve already entered into the program. No other software has it! Another exclusive feature of PatentEase is the On-Screen Talking Tutor™ that actually talks to you in plain English and guides you through each step of the patent application process. It gives you the tools you need to protect your invention and paves the way for you to manufacture or license your invention.


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